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Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery

Jan 21, 2011

In the 19th Century, Brooklyn was a haven for entrepreneurial immigrants, many of whom were German and brought with them their taste for good beer. Over time the Brooklyn breweries were the victims of competition with bigger Midwest breweries that had the ability to produce vast volumes for cheaper. In 1913, there were 48 breweries in Brooklyn, by 1976, there were none.

In 1988, Brooklyn Brewery was founded and was the beginning of breweries returning to Brooklyn. From the start they have brewed beers that taste good, and make your meal better. Their year round, seasonal, and specialty beers have earned them worldwide notoriety for their craft beer production. While Brooklyn was once a laughing stock, the borough has enjoyed a revitalization in recent years, and Brooklyn Brewery is thrilled to be involved in the cultural renaissance.

Even if you aren’t into beer, the Brooklyn Brewery hosts events that bring in all kinds of people. Obviously, most involve beer tastings but once a month they host a comedy show featuring comics, cooks, stories and laughs, along with a beer. If you’re new to beer there are plenty of things for you to try to help you decide what you like and what you don’t. Although you’ll be hard pressed to find anything you don’t like at Brooklyn Brewery. The staff is deeply invested in the beer and happy to help you find something to suit your tastebuds, or a great pairing for a dinner party dish.


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