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Brooklyn Community Services

For over 145 years, the Brooklyn Community Services has been serving the Brooklyn community. They aim to help build a better Brooklyn by helping the youth reach their full potential, and supporting adults in leading a productive and fulfilling life. They constantly change their goals and objectives to meet the needs of the community and bring together a group as diverse as the community they are assisting.

Starting as early as six-months-old, the BCS has early childhood development centers that foster social and emotional, physical, language and cognitive development. They also offer assistant to those who provide child care through their homes. The BCS provides these child care specialists with access to training and support services.

The BCS also offers assistance to those who were not able to finish high school, and helps each person reach their educational and vocational goals. For those planning on attending college, the BCS helps with planning to drive the student to success.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy the BCS is helping to provide relief to those Brooklyn residents in the storm impact zones. They were especially focused on families and individuals who had not been able to receive relief from insurance or FEMA.

Each year the BCS holds the FunWalk to help raise funds for children, families and adults with disabilities. The funds go towards assisting with child-care, after-school education, family counseling, job training and mental health and wellness. The 2012 FunWalk raised over $23,000 for the BCS.

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