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Brooklyn Cyclones

Brooklyn Cyclones

Jan 20, 2009


44 years after the Dodgers left Brooklyn, baseball made its return. The Brooklyn Cyclones debuted in 2001 at MCU Park. The ballpark is at the center of the historic Coney Island, with the amusement park and the Atlantic Ocean visible just beyond the walls of the ballpark. MCU Park proves to be the best of both worlds as it has an intimate setting, seating only 7,500 fans, but has the wide open feel of a major league park.


Since their debut in 2001, the Cyclones have been one of Brooklyn’s premiere attractions. Brooklyn is synonymous with baseball, and the Dodgers leaving made that bond even stronger with it’s absence. Now a minor league affiliate for the New York Mets, the Brooklyn Cyclones have sent 25 players on to play in the major leagues.


The strongest part of the Brooklyn Cyclones is without a doubt, the love and loyalty of the Brooklyn fan base. In their first season the fans set an attendance record of 289, 381 fans attending games throughout the season. Their very first game back in Brooklyn, fans were not disappointed, down by two and down to their final out Cyclones’ third baseman Edgar Rodriguez hit a two run homerun to send the game to extra innings. The Cyclones won and the love affair with baseball returned to the Bronx.


The stadium continues to play homage to former Brooklyn boys, with retired jersey’s for Duke Snider #4, Gil Hodges #14, Carl Erskine #17, Don Newcombe #36, and Jackie Robinson #42. The Cyclones have also retired several of their own players jerseys as well, Danny Garcia #6, Brian Bannister #19, Dillon Glee #20, and Angel Pagan #35.

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