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Much like the Dodgers did when they were Brooklyn’s lone professional sports team, the Brooklyn Nets have embraced their involvement in all aspects of the community. The team, looking to make the playoffs for the first time since the 2006-2007 season, is reopening a basketball gymnasium at the Navy Yard Clubhouse of the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club. The court is a replica of the Nets practice court, down to the oversized logos and the black and white color scheme.

The court is the first endeavor carried out by the team’s foundation, but it is inline with their visions for Brooklyn. Since it was announced that the team would move to Brooklyn, plans have been in place to help improve the community and give back to the people. Over the holidays, several players held Christmas events. The team held their first annual Christmas event, distributing gift cards to children whose homes were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. Additionally, several of the players hosted their own events, donating gifts and meals to families.

An exciting team to watch this year, the Nets have also given back by just playing a good game. Playing their home games in the brand new Barclays Center, the newest arena in the NBA has been almost sold out all season. These games are driving more people to Brooklyn than have been there before, and it’s all helping the surrounding businesses. The building of the new arena also created over 2,000 jobs in the Barclays Center, and with the Brooklyn Nets.

In their first year as Brooklyn’s team they’ve done impressive work for the fans and the community. It should be exciting to see what else this team has to offer in the coming years. The future of any community resides in the younger generations, and the Nets are primed to give back to that generation, and empower them to give back wherever they can.

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