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Brooklyn Pizza

Brooklyn Pizza

Sep 15, 2010

It’s no secret that Brooklyn is famous for pizza. Pizzerias across the world have tried to recreate the recipe and bring Brooklyn’s Best to their hometowns, some have been very successful, others not so much. Here are five pizzerias in Brooklyn that bring you some of the best pie around.

DiFara’s Pizza (located at 1424 Avenue J):
Domenica DeMarco opened this joint in 1964, and makes every pizza by hand. DeMarco believes “only one guy should make the pizza,” and the shop is closed if he is not available. He uses imported ingredients from Italy, and grows some of his ingredients fresh, in a windowsill box. It only takes a few minutes for these thin-crust pizzas to be finished, but because of the restaurants popularity, the wait can be up to two hours long. In 2009, Di Fara raised its prices for a slice of pizza from $4 to $5, becoming the first $5-a-slice pizzeria in New York City.

L & B Spumoni Gardens:
Originally opened as an ice and spumoni stand, Spumoni Gardens has grown into a full-blown pizzeria, famous for its Sicilian style pizza. Some of the things people rave about are the fresh ingredients, the use of sliced mozzarella instead of shredded. If you like the Sicilian style, or Grandma slices, with the thick buttery crust, don’t go in the winter. Fresh basil is not available, so Spumoni Gardens doesn’t offer their Grandma Slices. A basic slice of pie will run you about $2.25 here.

Best Pizza (located at 33 Havemeyer Street):
Looking for pizza that’s thin and crunchy, and an ice cold beer to go with it? Best pizza might be your place! With only a few other items on the menu, Best Pizza focuses mainly on their name sake, pizza. Best Pizza opened in 2010, and they’ve done all they can to earn that name, serving pizzas that have a perfectly crunchy crust, and freshly made mozzarella. They also serve a ‘white pie’ that uses ricotta cheese and caramelized onions to start. $3 to $3.50 a slice, depending on your picks.

Paulie Gee’s (60 Greenpoint Avenue):
Also opening in 2010, Paulie Gee’s features a wood-fired oven, which cost about $20,000 to buy, ship and install. But the pizza is delicious, so the investment was well worth it. This place has a very local-centric focus, with the meats being purchased at The Meat Hook, and produce acquired from Rooftop Farms. There are nine featured pies on the menu, and seasonal and local specials are offered daily. They also recently started including vegan variations on their menu. Whole pies range from $12 to $18.

Roberta’s opened in 2008, and was the star of Brooklyn’s new pizza scene. A no-reservation place, Roberta’s is casual, but their pizza’s are anything but. Several suggestions for their fresh-ingredient-pies are listed on the menu, but you can also create your own concoction of flavors. One pizza that’s sure to please your tastebuds is “Spudnik,” with mashed potatoes and onions on top of the pizza. You’ll want to make sure you bring your appetite here. Roberta’s pizza will run you $9 to $17.

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