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Brooklyn’s Finest

Brooklyn’s Finest

Jul 15, 2008

Brooklyn isn’t just dark, quiet, hidden gems when it comes to restaurants. There are a number of fine dining options in the city. Here are a few of them you should try:

  1. Saul Restaurant & Bar: Located on Smith Street, Saul’s features a menu chock full of recipes with fresh, and seasonal ingredients. Because they focus on using seasonal ingredients the menu is constantly changing, meaning you’ll get to try new things each season! Open since 2002, Saul’s serves fine food in a casual and comfortable environment. With one of the best tasting menus in Brooklyn you can get six courses for $85 a person.
  2. Blue Ribbon Brooklyn: A member of the Blue Ribbon family, Blue Ribbon Brooklyn is home to many signature dishes from other restaurants throughout New York, as well as several creations that are inspired by Brooklyn and are specialized for only the Brooklyn location. Nestled into the burgeoning enclave of Park Slope, Brooklyn, Blue Ribbon Brooklyn also has a delicious sushi bar and a large Oyster bar. Surf and Turf, an obvious favorite, will run you about $48.
  3. Destefano’s Steakhouse: Cozy and intimate, Destefano’s will make you feel like you are sitting in a friends dining room. A wide variety on the menu you can order your entrée a la carte, and then add side dishes in family portions to share with the table. The steaks are prepared to your preference, and the meat is juicy and tender. You can enjoy the fabulous meals, and the comfy ambience with a prix fixe menu of three courses for under $30 a person.
  4. The River Café: Dinner on the water? The River café offers a unique experience as it sits under the Brooklyn Bridge. The sweeping views of the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty will take your breath away. Traditional American fare of steaks, chicken and fish, the restaurant will not disappoint your tastes. Not looking to make any decisions about your meal? They offer a six course Chef’s Signature Tasting Menu for $135 a person.
  5. Fushimi: An eclectic mix of Japanese food with French flair, Fushimi prides itself on dishes that taste as good as they look. Join them for a variety of sushi rolls and appetizers for a fun and unique experience. If you would prefer a full meal, they a bevy of selections from traditional teriyaki to filet mignon with Thai basil. Here you can also enjoy sides dshes for the table like Fushimi fried rice or mushroom black risotto.


  1. nyfoodie718 /

    imho: destefanos is good but for a real steak restaurant I think peter luger is way better.

  2. yeha but destefano’s is still good food and cheaper. Not all of us can afford like 80 dollar dinners each

  3. Nyfoodie718 /

    true. Just offering my opinion. Just sayin’. when you can afford to go to peter luger you should check it out

  4. k. will get new job.

  5. Dchedan329 /

    just go to outback steakhouse and call it a night

  6. Nyfoodie781 /


  7. Tamalemama /

    my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary at the river café. Sooo beautiful and romantic!

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