Brooklyn hot spots

Moving to Brooklyn

Thinking of relocating? Here are some reasons you should move to (or stay in) Brooklyn.

  1. There is a lot to do, no matter what season it is. You can enjoy the Brooklyn Museum, or lectures at the Brooklyn Public Library during the chilly months. And then take in the view of the Statue of Liberty from Red Hook, bike ride in Prospect Park, or walk across the Brooklyn Bridge when the weather warms up. Another perk, all of the above mentioned can be done for free!
  2. You have the option of doing everything locally. Brooklyn is separated into dozens of neighborhoods that are walkable. And on top of that, each neighborhood has a style and a history all its own. Italian neighborhoods, Williamsburg, Green Point, or Park Slope, no matter where you come from in Brooklyn, you come from a specific neighborhood, and you come from somewhere!
  3. Even your nightlife is local. Music venues, movie theatres, restaurants and bars, whatever your fancy Brooklyn probably has it. Take in a poetry reading, try a new restaurant, take a class, or try a specially crafted drink. If none of that sounds appealing there’s probably a space for you to open a business geared to your interests.
  4. You might get a back yard. Because of the lack of high-rises in Brooklyn the apartments are far more likely to have a backyard. That backyard may not be huge, and may only have a small patch of grass, but it will be a backyard. It’ll be your backyard…
  5. …Where you might barbecue with your neighbors! There isn’t the hustle and bustle of Manhattan happening in Brooklyn. It’s slower paced, and generally more laid back People aren’t in such a hurry to get everywhere so you might have the time to get to know your neighbors. Like, really well. Like, ‘Let’s exchange keys in case of emergencies.’ well!
  6. The parks aren’t as crowded. Coney Island Boardwalk, DUMBO, Prospect Park, or Red Hook, it doesn’t matter where you’re headed. All that matters is the parks aren’t as jam packed with people, giving you a lot more room for things like jogging, biking, reading, quiet reflection, and even isolation, at some parks. Close your eyes and imagine the birds chirping, the rustling of a breeze through the leaves, and the warm sun shining on you as you sprawl out on the lush, green grass. When was the last time you did that in Central Park?

That’s only a few of the draws for Brooklyn. Hop on over from the city, or come visit for a weekend to see what charm Brooklyn has to offer you and your family. You might just be surprised at what you find.