Brooklyn hot spots

People of Brooklyn

The people of Brooklyn are a particular bunch. They are very proud of where they came from and they are not afraid to share their passion for the city. They are ready and willing to welcome anyone into the Brooklyn community as long as you want to be there. But don’t ask them to tell you why it’s cool. If they have to tell you why Brooklyn is cool, they probably won’t want you around for long.

Brooklynites aren’t one specific type of person. They’re all ages, ethnicities, beliefs, and upbringings. You won’t have to change to fit in; you’ll be a part of them by just being you. On a Friday night you’ll find the people of Brooklyn all over the city, in a variety of atmospheres. Come to Brooklyn, enjoy everything the city has to offer, including the people. Their attitude is contagious, and that’s not a bad thing!