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Paradise, Brooklyn Style: A Day at Coney Island

Paradise, Brooklyn Style: A Day at Coney Island

Sep 20, 2013

By Elyssa Goodman   Almost everyone who comes to Coney Island is a tourist, and honestly that’s part of the fun! How often do we get to be tourists in our own city, staring up at the skyline or out into the water and enjoying even for a few hours a getaway from the madness of city life? At Coney Island, you get to do that and be a kid again, hot dogs,...

Manhattan Beach Memoirs

By Elyssa Goodman   Originally from South Florida, I grew up a little spoiled by my proximity to the beach (30 minutes on a busy day). But when I moved to New York, I knew things would be different. I knew I needed a beach relatively close (which, by New York standards meant the shortest commute of 1.5 hours), that I could get to with my MetroCard, and that...